How to Feel Worthy

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There are times in life when you may not feel worthy. It might be when spending time around others or when you're by yourself but it's often spurred on by feeling that others are more successful, privileged or more clever than you. Feeling worthy is about building up your inner strength, allowing the protective core that thrives deep inside everyone to shine forth and show others that you respect yourself and have a healthy sense of self acceptance.

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    Avoid comparing yourself with others. Comparison weakens your self reliance and causes you to feel less than. Think of a bloom––it blooms amid many other blooms and does not compare itself to all those blooms, instead it does what it was made to do––bloom.
    • Comparison with others can lead to bitterness that you're missing out on things. This can cause you to feel less worthy too because instead of concentrating on what you have, you only see what you don't have.
    • Walk away from any person who causes you to feel that you have to prove your own worth. That person is not healthy for you.
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    Learn how to appreciate other people's achievements. Criticizing others comes as a result of your inferiority complex and does little to help build your self worth. If you appreciate other people's work, others will always appreciate you, which is a form of respect and satisfaction that adds to your sense of self-worth.
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    Make new friends. Surround yourself with like-minded people. In this way, you can create your own space, and you will feel worthy.
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    Stop criticizing yourself. Every person has certain limits––you are not a super human who can (or even should) do everything. Instead, enjoy your own individual qualities and abilities.
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    Accept the fact that every human being is different in their nature. Everyone has a separate dream. Find your dream and pursue it in the way that matters for you. Give respect to your individuality.
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    Involve yourself in community services, you will feel confident. Often helping others further shapes and builds up your character. You will feel worthy,when you see the love for yourself reflected in other people's eyes.